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10 Steps to Your New Kitchen Units

Did you know that HomeConcept offers some of the most affordable new kitchen units available in South Africa? Not only that, but our new kitchen process is simple! It takes ten steps to get new kitchen units from HomeConcept, and we’ve laid them out for you right here:

Step 1: Connect with Us

The first step to getting brand new kitchen units your family will be proud of is to connect with us at HomeConcept! You can do so by liking our HomeConcept Facebook page here, or you can contact us through our HomeConcept website right here. Either way, we’re excited to hear from you!

Step 2: Browse our Catalogue

The next step is to check out exactly what our stunning HomeConcept kitchens look like all set up as you would have it in your home. This way you can visualise what your kitchen might look like once you have your new kitchen units installed. Browse our HomeConcept Kitchen Design Book for kitchen inspiration like no other!

Step 3: Place Your Order

Once you’ve decided on the style of kitchen that would suit your home best, visit your nearest Bradlows store and have a look at our in-store HomeConcept kitchen displays. You’ll be able to feel the countertops and test the kitchen cupboards. Place your order with your friendly in-store salesman and he’ll tell you what documents he needs to process your credit application (should you wish to pay your new kitchen off).

Step 4: Make it Official

Make your order official by returning to you nearest Bradlows store with the relevant documents. Some required documents include proof of home ownership, ID document, home insurance forms and your latest salary slips.

Step 5: Get Measured Up

Once you have handed in your forms and been cleared for credit, you’re officially the owner of new kitchen units. Congratulations! Now the fun can start. We’ll send someone around to measure the dimensions of your home’s kitchen. Don’t worry, we’ll call you to arrange an appropriate time.

Step 6: See Your Kitchen Design

The next step is to help you visualise your home’s new kitchen. Our consultant will put a design together for you. This will either happen while your home is being measured, or once our measurer is back in the office. Either way, you’ll see exactly what your new kitchen is going to look like!

Step 7: Get a Quote

Once you are happy with your home’s new kitchen design, we’ll prepare an official quotation – including any kitchen accessories you’d like to add to improve your new kitchen.

Step 8: Get Signed Off

Once the quotation has been compiled, you’ll be called and asked to come into your nearest Bradlows store to provide us with final sign-off of both your kitchen design and the quotation.

Step 9: Delivery & Installation

This is the step where the REAL magic happens! Within 14 working days from when you sign off the quotation and kitchen design, our trustworthy staff members will deliver and install your new kitchen units in your home – with attention to detail and a passion for what we do!

Step 10: Ongoing Support

The best part of getting a new kitchen from HomeConcept (apart from the kitchen itself) is the fact that you are completely supported by us every step of the way! Don’t be afraid to ask us questions, and let us know if you have an issue. We are here to support you, and should you need clarity on any of the above steps in our process – feel free to contact us here.

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