4 Features For Large Kitchens

We can’t always choose the size of our kitchens, having a big kitchen can be as much of a challenge when remodelling as a small kitchen. I mean, what do you put in it to avoid a bare spread of just cabinets. We have compiled a list of our favourite features to make your big kitchen a real showstopper!

A Kitchen Island

This may be something that you have already considered for your kitchen, and rightly so, a kitchen island can help you turn a lot of your unused floor space into extra counter and cabinet space. It makes a great addition for homes with more than one chef or for families that are avid bakers. Your island will be a great place to add extra electrical sockets. You can also store appliances in/on your multipurpose island, and whip them out when you need them.

A kitchen island can also tactfully be used to complement your kitchen design. A kitchen island can be a focal point (being in the centre of the room) and can be the perfect opportunity to highlight design elements and smaller details.

A Breakfast Bar

Mornings go by in a flash, between getting yourself ready and making sure everyone else is ready for school and work, a breakfast bar can be a wonderful space to take a break from the rush. The family can come together and sit to enjoy a peaceful breakfast with one another. Breakfast bars can work in small kitchens too, but if you have the space why not make the most of it? You can swap out your formal dinner table for casual bar dining at supper time as well, and when you aren’t using it as an eating area, you can use it for the extra counter space. We really don’t see a downside here.

A Kitchen Bar

If you are big on entertaining and having a drink or two with friends, we have two words for you, Kitchen. Bar. You can combine a cocktail bar with bar-style seating for a casual and fun dinner with friends. Everyone can interact and socialise over drinks while the food is being prepared. You can even swap out the traditional fixed bar counter for a trendy bar trolley that can be kept in the kitchen but moved freely throughout the house.

A Dinner Table

Are you desperate to keep your dining room table but don’t actually have a dining room? Well, we have good news, if you have a large enough kitchen you can create a dining room/kitchen hybrid that allows you to have the best of both worlds! Our favourite part about this idea is that the whole family can come together even before the food is ready!

Two-toned Kitchen

A bonus feature of having a big kitchen is having more room to experiment! Change up your design and do something unique and eye-catching. We love watching trends, our favourite at the moment is two-toned finishes. Imagine this, your kitchen island with a contrasting countertop to your other kitchen counters. Another fun way to achieve the two-toned look is with kitchen cabinet door finishes to create more interest.

Renovations are an exciting time, giving “the heart of the home” a fresh new look. Each project is special and all kitchens big and small can be made unique. Home Concept, your expert partners, bringing you the kitchen of your dreams. Offering you guidance and support from start to finish.


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