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5 Countertop Trends That Define 2018 Kitchen Design

Countertops are often the tone setters when it comes to designing a new kitchen. Moreover, it is the cabinet profiles, colours, handles and countertops that clients spend the most time agonising over. They tend to catch and hold the eye more than any other feature and they can make or break the overall design. It’s no wonder then that countertop trends are the most closely watched in the kitchen industry. Here are five of the most popular countertop trends of 2018 so far…

Veined, Patterned Designs

Today’s kitchen owners are going for neutral or light coloured countertops with bold, veined patterning. While clients may still choose traditional materials like granite or quartz, they are increasingly choosing designs with beautiful, bold veins and patterns to add interest to their workspace. The more conspicuous the dark veins are against the light background, the better.

Quartz Is In. Granite Is Out

Granite has been the leading choice for high end kitchen buyers for many years because it is beautiful and extremely durable. This preference has shifted recently, though, as clients have discovered the benefits of quartz. Granite is undoubtedly beautiful but it’s quite a porous material. This means that spilled liquids tend to seep through the surface and cause stains that are virtually irremovable. Quartz, on the other hand, is non-porous and thus not susceptible to staining. Plus, it’s every bit as beautiful and hardwearing and granite.

Neutral Colours Are All the Rage

Homeowners now seem to be looking for more flexible colours when they look for countertops. They want surfaces that will easily match with any other design element. This is why they tend to go for neutral colours. Rather than bold blacks or bright hues, you are more likely to see beiges and shades of white.

Texture Is Taking Over

Smooth, shiny, polished surfaces have long been the standard for kitchen counters, but all this is changing in 2018! There has been an increased demand for textured surfaces, such as wood and even leather, in addition to rough, unpolished stone for kitchen worktops as they add character and compliment modern, varied styles.

Metal Vs. Stone and Formica

Metal kitchen surfaces are making a major entrance into the home kitchen market. Previously they had been the prime choice mainly for industrial or commercial kitchens. Now, though, homeowners are being converted to both the hygienic and aesthetic benefits of stainless steel, zinc and copper.

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