kitchen decor ideas and inspiration for Christmas holidays

5 Kitchen Décor Ideas for Christmas

When it comes to preparing your home for the big day, the kitchen is often overlooked in favour of a heavily-laden Christmas tree and hearth, but if you think about it, the kitchen is where all the magic happens! But the last thing you want is tinsel in the turkey, so you need to be inventive with your kitchen décor options. With that in mind, we’ve gathered 5 practical décor ideas for Christmas that will infuse your kitchen with the holiday spirit this festive season.

1. Wet Your Guests’ Appetites

Christmas Treats Greet your guests with the irresistible scent of freshly baked cookies as soon as they arrive to set the festive mood. A bowl adorned with traditional Christmas ingredients (like acorns, cinnamon and dried fruit) subtly adds to the holiday mood. By putting festive Christmas cookies & appetising ingredients out on display, you will create a visually pleasing, great smelling festive environment to bring your family together.

2. Bring the Festive Cheer to the Kitchen

Small Christmas Tree You can never have too much Christmas spirit! Just because you already have a tree in your living room, doesn’t mean that you can’t keep the spirit alive in the heart of your home – your kitchen! Place a smaller and simpler Christmas tree near the dining area so that your guests can admire it while they enjoy their meal.

3. Create Ambience with Pine Cones and Candlelight

Small Tea Candles Be sure to set some of your baubles aside when you adorn your trees, as leftover ornaments can be scattered on your unused surfaces. Pinecones painted with silver or gold spray paint and glitter make shimmery eye-catching Christmas-themed accents. Scattered yellow light tea candles will complete the warm and cosy mood.

4. Suspend Your Decorations

Keep your working surfaces clear while you are cooking up a storm on Christmas Day by making the most of the free space above your head. Opt for faux greenery and waterproof adornments that are easy to clean and won’t shed or melt, contaminating your meals. Keeping your worktop clean and clutter-free will keep your space looking and feeling good.

5. Scatter Ornaments for an All-Over Festive Feel

Red Christmas Candle Small and discreet accessories peppered around the kitchen on your work tops, islands and shelves effortlessly add character and charm to the otherwise bare corners of your kitchen. Settle on a simple colour scheme that you can echo throughout the house, like red and white candy stripes, to instantly infuse the space with Christmas joy.

Now that you have some kitchen décor ideas for Christmas, you can get busy cooking up a steaming meal for your loved ones and enjoying a peaceful day together! Check out the Home Concept blog for more décor and design inspiration

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