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5 Things You’ll Find in Every Mzansi Kitchen

A Mzansi kitchen is not complete without a few essential items all South Africans know and love. How many of these do YOU have in your kitchen?

Sunlight Dishwashing Liquid

If you’ve ever hand-washed a kitchen sink full of dishes, you’ll have used Sunlight dishwashing liquid at some point in time.

South Africa’s favourite dishwashing liquid can be found in most kitchen cupboards (the one under the sink) or on the windowsill above the sink.

Mrs. H.S. Balls Chutney

A Mzansi kitchen essential that is as South African as you are, Mrs. Balls has been making quality chutney in South Africa since 1907.

With a total of nine different chutneys to choose from, including peach, chakalaka and chilli chutney, you’re sure to find a bottle of Mrs H. S. Balls chutney in most South African kitchens.

Tin of KOO Baked Beans

The struggle is real! We all know what it feels like, when the last week of the month rolls around and all you have left in your kitchen cupboard is a tin of baked beans and a packet of noodles from 2008.

At least you’ve got beans! Look in almost any Mzansi kitchen and you’re sure to find a dusty tin of KOO baked beans. They’re tinned which means they remain fresh for years and years when unopened.

Aunt Caroline Rice

Rice, like maize and potatoes to a certain degree, is a staple food here in South Africa. That’s because it swells to nearly three times its size, and is still cheap enough to have at all times of the month.

Aunt Caroline rice is one of those things you just know you’ll find in most Mzansi kitchens! We love it because Aunt Caroline reminds us of our own gogo or ouma, and who doesn’t like rice, right?

Bull Brand Corned Beef

Corned beef, or bully beef as we South Africans call it, was widely eaten by soldiers in the South African army during the border wars – largely due to its meaty taste and cost effectiveness.

Bully beef, like Bull Brand corned beef, is another one of those ‘last stretch of the month’ Mzansi kitchen pantry features that is often added to macaroni, or mixed with chakalaka and eaten with pap.

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