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5 User-Friendly Hacks for an Expensive Kitchen Look

Imagine being able to have an expensive kitchen for a fraction of the price! Kitchens can be expensive to design, or even to renovate. Luckily, Home Concept have been in the interior industry for ages and know all the best hacks for an expensive kitchen look that won’t kill the bank.

Top 5 Hacks to Make Your Kitchen Look Expensive

Here are 5 easy hacks for an elegant and expensive-looking kitchen:

1.Choose Light Colours

Light colours tend to be favoured in high-end kitchens. Colours such as white, grey and cream tend to open a space up, give it a more welcoming feel and give an overall expensive-look from the crisp, light tones.

2. Paint Appliances Stainless Steel

Stainless steel appliances are always significantly more expensive than the others, luckily there is a hack that allows you to have them all! Stainless steel gives any kitchen an instant modern feel- be sure to get the right paint for the right appliance though!

3.Add Art

Art is a great way to add a bit of colour and personality to a kitchen. The hack? It doesn’t need to be expensive art! Most people who visit your art won’t be art professionals, so any pieces from your local market or department store will do!

4.Change Your Lighting

Another simple hack to help your kitchen make the transition from regular to expensive is simply changing the lighting. Add in a few chandeliers or pendants to completely change to mood of your kitchen. Most homes have standard, uniform lights, so give your kitchen a pick-me-up simply by adding a few different lighting accessories.

5. Add Some Style to a Breakfast Nook

This is the fun part when decorating your kitchen! Add a splash of colour and style to your breakfast nook will throw pillows, table mats and vases. Shop local stores or order things like pillowcases online and buy the pillows after- it doesn’t have to BE expensive to LOOK expensive.

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