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6 Atrocious Kitchen Design Fails

Sometimes, designing the kitchen of your dreams takes a turn for the worst. There is a lot of risk related to shoddy workmanship and dodgy contractors, particularly when it comes to the complex electrical and safety requirements. Home Concept gathered these atrocious kitchen design fails to show you as a warning, and as a good laugh.

No One Will Notice This Fridge…

Do you think if we build a wall around the fridge plonked in the middle of the living space, that maybe no one will notice? Unfortunately, this poor positioned fridge is already a mistake, and a permanent concrete housing is no remedy. When in doubt, do not put the fridge in no man’s land.

One Place to Take Care of Business

This kitchen combines the best, or perhaps the worst, of both worlds. Have you ever needed to cook dinner, but also been bursting for the loo? Well, the old adage does say you shouldn’t eat where you… How does it go?  This kitchen has its own en suite bathroom, for anyone who wants to copy this catastrophic style.

Think of Space Before You Place

This next kitchen design fail is a trap all too easy to fall into. It looks like whoever bought and installed the fridge and stove didn’t check the dimensions of their space correctly. Now, the fridge door is trapped behind the overreaching front of the stove! Perhaps a more modern, taller, and slimmer fridge would suit the space better.

The Little Counter That Could

We don’t think the cabinet installation company thought through this kitchen design. It appears that a convenient exit from the kitchen is no longer possible thanks to these cupboards. And can we talk about the unsightly gap in he cupboards while we’re at it?

Corner Cupboard Chaos

The corner cupboard is a notorious kitchen design dilemma that has reared its ugly head time and time again. In this instance, it appears that neither of these drawers can open fully, thanks to their perpindicular counterparts!

What. Is. Happening.

We’ll be honest with you – we have absolutely no idea what is going on in this kitchen. There are too many doors, too close together, and too much going on. The kitchen door can get in the way of the fridge door, and the microwave door can get in the way of the kitchen door, and honestly the oven door can get in everyone’s way. We think you should just keep it simple!

Avoid these atrocious kitchen design fails, and contact a professional for friendly, focused and qualified workmanship. As funny as these fails are, they cause serious problems in the daily lives of their owners and likely cost a lot of money to fix. Get it right the first time with Home Concept.

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