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A Guide to A Green Kitchen Design

With so much attention being given to our planet and the effects of human consumption on the environment, it makes sense to bring environmentally friendly home design options to the table. If you are passionate about the environment and conscious about your carbon-footprint, Home Concept has some great tips for an eco-friendly kitchen design you will love for your home.

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4 Tips on Designing an Eco-Friendly Kitchen

Keep reading the blog as we uncover the 4 ways you can turn your kitchen into a kitchen the environment will thank you for:

1. Avoid Granite

While Granite has long been the talk of the town when it comes to picking a countertop for your kitchen; however, the mining process and practices, necessary to obtain the granite, have a huge impact on the environment and are considered unsustainable and not eco-friendly.

One way to avoid this is to choose a stone, such as Quartz or Corian, to use as your countertop, as these mining processes and practices have far less of a negative effect but are just as aesthetically pleasing. Granite also requires the use of toxic sealants, unlike Quartz or Corian, they do not crack or chip and will last a lifetime.

2. Think ‘Recycled’

Whilst this is a relatively new, using recycled materials is becoming an extremely popular practice in household design, especially in the kitchen. Recycled countertops, wooden flooring, glass and many other aspects of the kitchen can be redesigned using recycled ingredients. When designing your kitchen, remember to reuse recycled and refurbished materials to keep it eco-friendly.

3. Timeless = Sustainable

When designing your kitchen in an eco-friendly manner, one of the most important factors to keep in mind is longevity. This means designing a kitchen that will not get old, remain elegant and modern for many years to come and not need replacing or renovations. By doing so and ensuring longevity, one is eliminating all the extra costs, materials, toxins, sealants, transport costs and fuel, all of which would have a negative impact on the environment throughout the production and installation phases.

When planning your kitchen, try to remember that you are creating a kitchen to last; therefore, you will be paying for quality, which will be more expensive than items that won’t last as long.

4. Apply Eco-Friendly Fittings & Appliances

With the threat of global warming and other environmental threats, eco-friendly fittings and appliances are now in high demand. ‘Light on’ electricity, plumbing fixtures that use less water, ‘dimmer switches’ that allow for wattage adjustment, LED light bulbs and eco-friendly appliances all make a difference and contribute to greater energy savings and saving the planet.

While these products might be more expensive, they have proven to be typically of higher quality and require fewer replacements or repairs throughout its lifetime.

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Let Home Concept Help You Achieve an Eco-Friendly Kitchen Today

Home Concept cares about the environment and would love to assist you in creating your environmentally friendly kitchen. Call us today and let us know exactly what we can do to help bring your vision to life.

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