10 Ways you Can Save Electricity

Have you ever seen this sign anywhere; “Due to economic cutbacks, the light at the end of the tunnel has been switched off”. It’s funny, until load shedding messes with your daily routine (South Africans know all about this). We all need to save electricity so we did some homework and have come up with these 10 suggestions.

Reduce Laundry
Doing a washing every day is not always necessary. Cut one or two loads of washing per week and consider switching from hot to cold water for an average of three loads per week. In addition, running a tumble drier uses a lot of electricity, so hand dry your laundry as often as you can. If you live in a small flat or cannot hang laundry outside, you can still air dry it by using driers and airers perfect for indoors.

In The Kitchen
There are a few ways you can reduce electricity consumption in the kitchen including ensuring that your freezer is regularly defrosted and you keep the fridge and freezer doors properly closed and seals in good condition. The appliances lose air quickly which means that a lot of energy will be used to cool them down again. Another suggestion in the kitchen is to wait until the dishwasher is full before turning it on.

Set Your Pool Pump Timer
A swimming pool pump uses a lot of electricity, so only use it when necessary. Ensure that you have set the timer to run for only a few hours a day.

Use Less Hot Water
The amount of electricity used to heat water in your home is also considerable. If left unchecked, it could result in excessive water accounts. Instead of bathing, take a short shower to save electricity. You should also invest in a geyser blanket to insulate and keep the water warmer for longer.

Use Efficient Lighting
Instead of incandescent lamps, use the compact fluorescent ones or change to CFL (energy saving) globes. You will save more than 75 percent of the power you use on lighting alone. This will contribute a great deal to reducing your overall electricity costs. If you have outside lighting, place these on a day/night switch or better yet, convert these to solar powered lights.

Install Solar Panels
It is becoming more common to see solar panels on roofs which definitely will help you to reduce the electricity consumed in your home. The system will heat up your water as well as generate electricity. Installation of the solar system may be costly, however in the long run, you will save a large amount of money and electricity.

Roof and Ceiling Insulation
A lot of heat escapes from your home through the ceiling and roof. By insulating these two areas, you will be able to maintain warmth in your home by an extra 5° C in winter. During summer, your home will be cooler by 10° C.

Get Rid Of Old Appliances
Some of the appliances in your home that consume the most electricity include refrigerators and driers. When they get old, these appliances may become inefficient and consume a lot of electricity. Save money by replacing them and any other appliance that has seen better days!

Unplug Gadgets
Whether you have a computer or television, it keeps consuming electricity even if switched off (but still plugged in). For example, make sure you switch off the TV and surround sound at the plug and not leave it on standby. You may end up using up to 10 percent more energy in your home so save electricity by unplugging these devices when not in use.

Use Natural Light
We have the most amazing sunlight in South Africa so why not use it to your advantage. Save electricity by using natural lighting during the day. Keep curtains open and if you’re currently building a home, install large windows to let in enough light so as to avoid switching on the lights.

We hope these 10 suggestions are a good starting point for saving a substantial amount of the electricity you consume in your home. If anything, your cutbacks will ensure that the light at the tunnel will come back on soon!