5 Inspiring Kitchen Designs

Playful Colours

Currently, we can already see trends falling into place. An exciting trend that is easy and completely customisable is colour. This year is all about bold and unexpected pops of colour. And it is not just specific colours, it’s all of them. So pick your favourites and run with them! Pick the style you like and the colour you like to make your kitchen unique.

Farmhouse Style

Home Concepts Gloss Comet countertop, Square Shaker and Flower Knob handles. We love a large, family, farm-style kitchen. You don’t have to choose warm cabinet colours, though they really do add warmth to the kitchen. American Walnut or Home Concept’s Saxon Oak would work great in this space.

Clean & Classic

Who doesn’t love a timeless design that will take care of your needs for years to come. Get this classic kitchen that won’t go out of fashion any time soon. A perfect combination of Brooklyn Loft, Alpine White, Square Shallow, topped off with Flat Bar handles.

Two-tone Heaven

Can’t decide on a single kitchen colour? This is a chance for you to choose two! Two-toned kitchens are on trend this year and allow you to add more of your favourite colours. Choose two countertops, or two cabinet colours, or both. This trend allows you to mix and match handles as well.

Monochromatic Moment

Another way to future-proof your kitchen is by sticking to basics to ensure you never go out of style. Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. The use of monochromatic colours allows you to go all out with appliances and decor. Introduce decorative elements that will act as pops of colour against a muted backdrop. As seasons change, you can simply swap out your pops of colour with new trendy colours.