Celebrity Style

celebrity style kitchen ideas

Put Your Celebrity Kitchen Together

Verster Worktop

Graphite Black Door Colour

Light Shields & Capping

Golden Gate Handles

Why it Works

This Celebrity Kitchen Style is ultimate HomeConcept sophistication. These celebrity luxury kitchen designs rely on sleek surfaces, like stainless steel handles, black wood and marble countertops, to complement a minimalist design. This kitchen design compliments all the gadgets and gizmos that only someone who spends a lot of time in the kitchen could truly appreciate. In this elegant kitchen you are guaranteed to feel like a celebrity in your own home!


This kitchen has used a neutral but classic worktop colour, Verster which is practical but also a granite look alike colour which adds a touch of class to the overall look. The door colours used bring high contrast and elegance to the kitchen: the bright white and sleek black Graphite colour, which has been done with a gloss finish to add a more modern feel. The white door colour adds some brightness and interest to the kitchen. The kitchen units have been finished off with matching capping and light shields which shows attention to detail and gives the units a neat look. The obvious choice would be the Golden Gate door handles which are also sleek and classy and give the final touch to this sophisticated Celebrity Kitchen

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