Small Kitchen ideas and inspiration

Fall in Love with Your Small Kitchen

Sure, a pint-sized kitchen may not be ideal, but there are ways to make the most of it. Does your pint-sized kitchen leave you starved for storage and counter space? Home Concept wants you to fall in love with your kitchen has some pointers on how.

Sparking that Kitchenette Romance

These tips will help you love the kitchen you have, even if it isn’t much at all.

Embrace Open Storage

Unlike cabinets, open shelving offers the sense of more space. It’s also a seriously chic way to display kitchenware (if you can keep everything organised).

Set a Focal Point

An easy way to make your kitchen look bigger is by establishing a focal point. A patterned wallpaper, a statement pendant, or unique dining table will leave guests focusing on the decor rather than the size of your space.

Go Dark

Dark cabinets are actually perfect in a small kitchen. Taking risks with paint on your cabinets creates a cool, cozy vibe. Although you could do colour on the walls, white paint is a nice contrast and helps the room feel bright.

Do Double-Duty

If you don’t have a lot of room, make sure everything in your kitchen has a dual purpose. For instance the backsplash that protects kitchen walls could be used for keeping tools handy.

Make Use of the Space Around Your Fridge

If you have a sliver of space between the fridge and the wall in your small kitchen, consider making this a hidden DIY rolling pantry. It’s perfect for storing canned goods and other non-perishable kitchen essentials.

Over Sink Cutting Board

Don’t have a kitchen counter? An over-the-sink cutting board is an ingenious quick fix.

Make the Most of Kitchen Corners

Corner space is usually underutilised in many homes. But when you’re trying to make every square inch in your small kitchen count, corner shelving can give these awkward spots a purpose.

In Short: Be Proud of Your Small Space!

Stop being embarrassed by your minimalistic lifestyle or using it as an excuse not to host a dinner party “because your space is too small”. You can make it work and you should be proud of it! Get in touch for advice and stay tuned to our blog for more small kitchen solutions like this one.

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