HomeConcept Kitchen Handles Range

What would your kitchen be without door handles? Well, it would become rather troublesome to open your kitchen doors! How will you ever get to your favourite sweet stash at the back of the pantry?


Also, we have a wide range of Kitchen Cupboard Handles to suit just about style in your home. From vintage, to sleek and modern. We have swirly designs, curved designs and some really exquisite scroll designs. We have door handles to suit all needs. No matter your preference, Home Concept has the look you are looking for! Also have a look at our kitchen Door Colours and Worktops to mix and match your own look for your new kitchen.


Battling to decide on what handles to choose? Why not have a look at our Kitchen Design Book for some more inspiration and ideas.

White Porcelain Knob

White Porcelain Knob

Nail Handle

Nail Handle 96mm – R28.00

Golden Gate Cupboard Handle

Golden Gate – R24.00

Golden Gate Handle

Golden Gate Handle – R24.00

Barrel Handle

Barrel Handle 96mm – R22.00

Curved Line Handle

Curve Line Handle 96mm – R19.00

Dimple Handle

Dimple Handle – R20.00

Antique Knob Long

Antique Knob Long – R25.00

Antique Knob

Antique Knob – R25.00

Swirl Knob

Swirl Knob – R17.00

Flower Knob

Flower Knob – R17.00

Antique Handle 96mm

Antique Handle 96mm – R30.00

Classical Handle

ClassicalHandle – R22.00

Arch Handle 96mm

Arch Handle 96mm – R24.00

Square Knob

Square Knob – R15.00

Cup Handle

Cup Handle – R24.00


S-Wave – R20.00

Scroll Handle

Scroll Handle – R41.00

Flat Bar

Flat Bar 96mm – R20.00

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