How to organise your kitchen like a pro

How to Organise Your Kitchen Like a Pro

A disorganised kitchen usually comes from keeping too many items. Some people can live with a bit of mess and it doesn’t affect their lives in any fundamental way. The kitchen is different though. Home Concept has some recommendations for maximising your storage space and making your kitchen work better for you.

Kitchen Cleanup: 6 Pro Tips

We’ve all got to eat, but when your kitchen is a mess, it can have a very negative & real impact on your lifestyle. To avoid that, here are 6 expert-recommended ways to organise your kitchen like the experts.

1. Let Go of the Clutter

First, take a complete inventory of your kitchen. Pull everything out of the cabinets and drawers and put back only the items you need and use. Get rid of everything you don’t need. There are tools that every kitchen needs, but if you have too many gadgets and dishes crowding your cabinets and drawers, it makes accessing them difficult, which means you’ll never use them. It’s better to stick with the basics and store things so that they’re easy to access. Once you’ve pared down to just the essentials in your kitchen, it’s time to start thinking about putting things back into drawers and cabinets.

2. Compartmentalise Your Cabinets

To make things like spices, oils and baking stuff easy to see and grab in your upper cabinets, use a riser or a Lazy Susan. Installing pullout drawers in cabinets will help maximise space for things like storage containers or dish towels and will also work well on deep shelves so that food stored in the back isn’t forgotten. Clear bins help store items and are great for keeping bags of rice, pasta, chips and cookies upright. If your upper cabinets are mounted high enough above your countertops, you can even store stemmed wine glasses underneath.

3. Divide Your Drawers

Drawer dividers can be used in shallow drawers to make measuring spoons, a meat thermometer, a can opener, a corkscrew, tongs and knives easy to find and put away.

4. Clear Up Your Counters

Don’t store rarely-used appliances on the counter just because it seems difficult to put them away. The items that stay on your countertop should be those that you use frequently, such as a toaster or coffee maker. If you’re short on drawer space, use one countertop canister for the six utensils you use most often when cooking.

5. Maximise Wall & Ceiling Space

Whenever you’re in need of space in a kitchen, look up. Are there places up high to put shelving or hooks? When storage is especially tight, consider hanging your most frequently used pots and pans on a hanging pot rack. Pot racks come in two varieties, wall-mounted and ceiling-mounted, and can help free up a lot of space. Most knife blocks take up countertop space; knives can be stored more efficiently in a drawer or on a magnetic strip attached to the wall.

6. Peak into the Pantry (& Refrigerator)

Look for versatile organisational products such as Mason jars or stacking clear plastic containers. Also. if you’re tight on pantry or cabinet storage for dry goods, large Mason jars filled with food can double as decor.

Taking the time to organise your layout and create efficient storage makes daily living a whole lot easier. Contact us for information on how we can help organise your kitchen.

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