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Inexpensive Ways to Update Your Kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of the home, and as such, it is refreshing to update it every few years to bring interest back to the home. However, we know that kitchen updates can be a big ask for some families, so we at Home Concept have put together some great, inexpensive kitchen updates that you can do or have done, to bring interest to the room without breaking the bank.

Update Your Cabinet Handles

The quickest, most inexpensive kitchen update is probably the cabinet handle. You would not believe the dramatic impact this tiny detail can have on the overall look of your kitchen. Swap out your current cabinet handles for a different texture, shape or material for an instantly refreshed space! With stunning handles from as little as R19.00, Home Concept can help you update your kitchen in the blink of an eye.

Paint an Accent Wall

This trend has been huge in recent years, and for good reason! The accent wall is a quick and stunning way to add depth to your kitchen, without spending too much in one go. Try taking your current wall colour and comparing it to one or two shades lighter or darker – a rich, welcoming accent wall acts as an instant facelift for any home décor adventure.

Refresh the Cabinet Doors

As far as kitchen updates go, to have the most striking impact one should consider painting the kitchen cabinetry. This is a bigger job in terms of time and effort but refreshes most significantly. Consider a recent trend: the tuxedo cabinets. What is that, you may ask? The trend consists of your upper and lower cabinets being painted different – but complementary – colours, for example, a muted duck-egg blue and an off white. Remember to keep the upper cabinets a lighter colour to ensure the room isn’t overwhelmed!

Add a Trendy Backsplash

Backsplashes have been huge lately, and they don’t cost much at all to put up. Not only do they protect your painted surfaces from splashes and stains, but they can be used as focal points in the kitchen, or inexpensive artworks. This home décor idea works best behind your sink area or stovetop, as these walls take the harshest beatings!

Upgrade Your Fixtures

Lastly, we have been loving the revival of interesting fixtures in the kitchen. Bringing in different metals and textures adds a lot to a kitchen as is super customisable. If you are after a more rustic look, go for an antique looking, dark coloured tap fixture. Is modern more your style? Get your hands on some angular fixtures in silver or interesting bronze pieces for the classy, warm kitchen.

Kitchen updates need not be pricey! We trust that our inexpensive home décor ideas have inspired you to take the next step towards a fresher, more exciting kitchen! For any queries, or to browse our stunning materials, follow this link to our website. We wish you the best in your design adventures!

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