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Kitchen Trends You Can’t Ignore

Last year, kitchen trends tended to lean towards minimalism and all-white-everything. Going forward into 2018, these trends have been somewhat altered, capitalised on even, and are detouring into moody, bright, or comfort-central décor. To feed your style-hungry soul, we have compiled a list of some of 2018’s hottest kitchen trends that simply can’t be ignored.

Moody Madness

A modern, warm toned kitchen sports a bold dark tap and matching clock

One huge trend is taking the all-white style and turning it on its head. Moody kitchens are all the rage, be it by incorporating dark fixtures like lights, taps and handles, or dark appliances and floors. The moody look is somewhat masculine and mysterious and adds depth to your kitchen after years of trying to brighten it to the heavens and back. For small kitchens, dark fixtures are probably a better choice as a big, dark-coloured stove or fridge might crowd the space…

Further in the moody madness, industrial style kitchens are just as big. Incorporating concrete into the floors or countertops is a major trend, exaggerating the utilitarian nature of kitchens. Whilst warm tones are still popular, for those of you who might have tired of their warm kitchen, this dark and moody trend will give you the dose of cool you need.

Banquette Benches

A beachy banquette seating arrangementRemember how you always wanted to sit in the ‘booth’ when your family went out to a restaurant? There was always something so comfy yet cool about the banquette seating that many restaurants still offer. Bring that casual coolness home with your own banquette seating arrangement to modernise your kitchen in the cosiest of ways! Banquette seating seems to encourage closeness and connection, a notion never wasted in the family kitchen.

Shelves, Shelves, Shelves

A beautiful white and green kitchen with open shelving. More and more home owners and style gurus are foregoing upper cabinets for open shelving. Open shelving is great for kitchens of all sizes, given that it is very open and inviting, and the lack of blocky cabinetry brightens the space. Dust is easily wiped off and logistically, they are much easier to organise. Lastly, open shelving is cheaper than installing cabinets, and changing or painting them is a breeze.

Funky Floors

This herringbone flooring balances the white walls and cabinetry of this kitchen.If concrete flooring isn’t for you, but you’re keen on the moody madness trend, the dark, textured flooring is your next best bet. Dark, ashy woods in interesting patterns creates stunning texture without feeling too cold or industrial. A big trend right now is herringbone floors, creating a stunning chevron from gorgeous woods. Wooden floors are always classy, and with all the cool tiles and flat cabinetry around, an intricate floor brings balance to the whole equation. Have a look at the image below, demonstrating the balance struck between the ashy herringbone floor and the white walls and cabinetry of this kitchen…

On the whole, kitchens are becoming more about balance. Balance between light and dark, closed and open, comfort and class. Introducing small, pointed changes can transform the look of your kitchen in impactful ways. For more ideas on what’s out there for your kitchen, take a look at Home Concept’s website!

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