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A Look at the Kitchens of the Future

Imagine this: The year is 2040 and kitchens have changed a lot since 2017! Now you can walk into your home’s kitchen, control the lights and appliances with your smart phone, find a recipe for supper on your kitchen counter, and grab a delicious snack from the temperature control shelves. Sound like a science fiction movie? Think again. These technologies could be in our homes within the next 20 years! Let’s take a look at some kitchen gadgets of the future…

The Kitchen Counter of Tomorrow

The multinational furniture retailer, IKEA, has come up with a concept they believe could be commonplace in the kitchens of tomorrow. Known as the ‘table of tomorrow’, this seemingly normal wooden counter top serves as a platform to source recipes, good ingredient combinations, and many other food-related information.

It works with an overhead sensor that scans and recognises any food item you place on the table surface. It then projects information onto the table from above, much like a projector depicts visuals onto a wall.

Wireless Mobile Kitchen Control

The internet of things (IoT) phenomenon has allowed for more and more everyday items to be networked together, such as switching lights on and off from a remote device. This trend of connectivity is slowly moving into our kitchens, where experts suggest you will soon be able to run your entire kitchen from your smart phone!

Technologies that we can expect to make use of include virtual chefs that can be projected into a kitchen to guide your cooking, facial recognition devices that can recognise the person working in the kitchen and set the lights, counter tops and devices according to that person’s preferences, and live video feeds from inside our oven and other appliances to better monitor the cooking process.

The Kitchen Fridge of the Future

According to IKEA, the fridge of the future isn’t a fridge at all – at least not as we know it! The word fridge is derived from the term ‘refrigerator’; a device that refrigerates or chills food items. IKEA believes that our kitchens will be kitted out with refrigeration shelves and food containment units.

So, each food item will have its own smart container, which can detect the optimum temperature for storing food items within. These containers are placed on the shelves which work with the containers to keep the food refrigerated.

Affordable New Kitchens in South Africa

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