kitchens made in the past

A Look at the Kitchens of the Past

Don’t you just LOVE your home’s kitchen? It’s where we prepare our food, where we quench our thirst, and where many of us sit to discuss the day we’ve had while enjoying the delicious aromas of the meal we’re about to gobble down. So, imagine not having a fridge to cool down in front of on hot summer days. Imagine not being able to simply turn a switch and your stove plate heats up to scolding. We’re taking a look at a few kitchens from the past below:

Feudal Era Kitchen


Before the wood fire stove was invented (circa 1742), kitchens were large rooms featuring an enormous cavity on the one side where fires were made and kept burning most of the day. Iron hook systems were used to dangle pots over the flames, and this was how most of the food was prepared. Kitchens at this time in history featured bowls where grain was ground for bread, as well as simple wooden utensils and firewood baskets to keep the heat going for preparation of three meals a day.




1800s Kitchen


The wood fire stove was what changed the kitchen – and the preparation of food – forever. Also known as the Franklin stove, wood fire stoves replaced large fireplaces as more efficient cooking systems. A fire would have to be started within the unit, and would slowly heat up the cast iron top (essentially the stove plate). What’s more, the smoke from these fires was funnelled via iron piping throughout the house to heat each room before being sent out of a chimney or two on the roof.





1900s Kitchen


It was in 1879 that Thomas Edison figured out how to utilise electricity to create light – using a filament lightbulb – however the electrical stove was only introduced around 1920. So, while many homes now had electric lights, they still utilised wood ovens for cooking. However, kitchens in the 1900s began looking more like the modern ones we know and love, with closing kitchen cupboards being used instead of rudimental shelving.





Modern New Kitchens in South Africa

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