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Looking to Ramp Up the Volume in Your Kitchen?

If your kitchen is looking a bit lacklustre, these crazy kitchen designs could give you just the right amount of inspiration to get going (or scare you out of making any changes). Love them or hate them, these kitchens are definitely conversation starters!

Alice, are you there?

Brightly Coloured Kitchen: This kitchen is decorated in bright colours and whimsical looking chairs, giving it an Alice in Wonderland vibe.

Image Courtesy of

This Alice in Wonderland-esque kitchen has an undeniably cheery feel and isn’t so crazy compared to the designs that follow. The pink fridge, whimsical chairs, yellow walls and otherworldly ornaments interplay fantastically.  Perhaps a tame inspiration to draw from this kitchen would be to introduce bright pops of colour to your crockery or cabinets.

Curvy Cabinets

A Curved Kitchen: This kitchen showcases an almost question-mark shaped counter, curling in on itself.

Image Courtesy of

This modern kitchen design is a little unconventional in that it sports an almost completely curved cabinet unit. Clad in deep eggplant, this crazy kitchen brings a futuristic shape and an unusual kitchen colour together, whilst still feeling homey enough. This design illustrates that an unconventional colour can be introduced without being too ‘loud’.

Did somebody call The Flinstones?

The kitchen is decorated as a cave, with counters appearing to be made out of sandstone, and irregularly shaped windows.

Image Courtesy of Home Design Lover

Our favourite cartoon friend, Fred Flinstone, would feel right at home in this kitchen! It appears as if the walls, counters and cupboards are carved out of stone! Even the windows look like they have been moulded by hand and mud. This crazy design is definitely not for the feint hearted.


A trip to France, every day

French Villa Styled Cupboard: These kitchen cabinets are decorated as buildings like those found in Provence, France.

Image Courtesy of Ideal Home

Wouldn’t it be lovely to stroll down a cobblestone street in Provence, France? What if you could do that every day? This kitchen is decorated much like the buildings you might find on that far-away street. This takes home ‘architecture’ to a new level.

Looking for something a bit more tame

Mismatched Tiles: The kitchen’s primary-coloured, mismatched floor tiles give it a more manageable edge.

Image Courtesy of

The appeal of this patchwork design is its achievability. If you have a bunch of black, white, and primary coloured tiles lying around, you too can style a patchwork kitchen, giving you the best of both worlds. Pristine white cabinets, complimentary colours and simple styling throughout, this kitchen is a lot more suitable for everyday living.

Stay Away!

Coffin Cupboards: This kitchen sports coffin shaped cupboards.

Image Courtesy of

Halloween, perhaps? Maybe not permanently… These coffin-shaped cabinets are enough to scare just about anyone away. As long as nothing funky is poking out, we will accept them for now. All in all, kitchens can be tough to revamp, but with a little colour and contour (and hopefully no bones!) anyone can jazz up the heart of their home.

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