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Pro Tips for Cleaning Kitchen Cabinets at Home

The old adage goes that many hands make light work, but too many pairs of hands feeling around the kitchen quickly leads to dirty, grimy kitchen cabinets that become sticky and unpleasant to touch. Home Concept have put together some tips for cleaning kitchen cupboards so that your kitchen can stay fresh, clean and safe to use for longer, without damaging the appearance of your cupboard doors.

Cleaning Solutions for Kitchen Cabinets

There are a number of store-bought and homemade cleaning solutions that you can buy or make to keep your kitchen cabinets clean and colourful. Later in this blog we will detail which solutions work best for the various types of kitchen cabinet surfaces that you may have in your home, so don’t forget to check your materials in the next section!

Water and Dish Soap:
This solution is gentle enough to accommodate most surface types, yet strong enough to lift a fair amount of grime from your kitchen cupboards.

Warm Water and White Vinegar:
This easy homemade solution can be altered to suit the amount of grime and dirt on your kitchen cabinets. A ratio of one-part vinegar to one-part warm water is considered quite strong, so reduce the amount of vinegar for light cleaning.

All-Purpose Cleaner: This store-bought solution is suitable for most surfaces but be sure to check the next section of this blog just in case it is not recommended for your cabinet finishes!

Detergent and Water:
This solution is typically combined as one-part detergent to two-parts water and is suitable for many surface types. Check the next section of this blog to ensure your finishes stay intact.

Baking Soda and Water:
This homemade solution is best for scrubbing tough stains and detritus from on and inside kitchen cabinets. Be sure to follow our guide, as baking soda is too abrasive for certain surfaces.

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What Cleaning Solutions Can Be Used on What Kitchen Cabinets?

As we mentioned previously, some of the above cleaning solutions are not entirely suitable for every kind of kitchen cabinet finish – some are more durable than others and we do not want you to accidentally ruin your beautiful cabinetry. Below is Home Concept’s advice for your kitchen cupboard finishes…

Wood Finish:
For wooden cabinetry, you can use detergent in a combination of one-part detergent to two-parts water to wipe down the cabinets with the grain of the wood. Follow this up with a damp cloth, and then dry the wood with another clean cloth. Remember to wring your cloths as dry as possible so as not to over-wet the wood.
Vinegar and warm water can be used safely on wood cabinets and is particularly good for removing stickiness.
For tough build-up, you can gently scrub your wood cabinets with a baking soda and water paste and follow this up with a damp cloth to wipe off the residue.

Oil-Based Paint Finish:
Oil-based paint is incredibly durable on kitchen cupboards, therefore it is safe to use a detergent and water mix, vinegar and water solution, all-purpose cleaner, as well as baking soda for scrubbing. You can scrub as hard as you need to without any worry, as your cabinetry will be able to stand the test.

Water-Based Paint Finish:
This type of paint is a lot more delicate than its counterparts, so approach with some caution! We recommend combining water with a small amount of non-abrasive all-purpose cleaner to gently lift dirt from your cabinetry. Do not use a baking soda paste on water-based paint as it is simply too abrasive.

Metal Finish:
Metal cabinetry is also incredibly durable, with only two precautions. You can use any of the previously mentioned cleaning solutions on metal kitchen cupboards, except for baking soda. A further recommendation is to avoid over-wetting your cloth as excess moisture can cause rust.

Technique for Cleaning Kitchen Cabinets

When you decide to clean your kitchen cabinets, we recommend using two buckets: one for your cleaning solution of choice, and one for clean water. Submerge your cleaning cloth in the cleaning solution, wring it out well, and wipe down your cupboard. When you have lifted some dirt and grime, submerge your cloth in the clean water to shake off the debris and then re-submerge in the cleaning solution to continue cleaning your cabinetry.

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