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Saving Space in a Small Kitchen

Even the tiniest of kitchens deserves a fair shot at being stylish yet utilitarian. Maximising the available space can be super simple, and very effective – from suspension to magnetism to portability, pretty much anything in your kitchen can be tweaked and transformed into a small space must-have.

Storage Within Storage

If your small kitchen has a decent amount of cupboard space, but perhaps not enough shelves and compartments for you to organise your bits and pieces well enough, there are a number of storage-within-storage solutions that could do the trick. Under shelf baskets are readily available at most home and hardware stores, adding more easily-accessible levels to your shelving. Installing pull-out drawers within a cupboard also provides more stackable, packable space whilst neatly tucking it all away once you’re done!

False Panels No More!

Have you ever seen those false front drawer panels, typically beneath the sink? In a small space, no gap stays unfilled. Having those panels converted into actual tilt-out drawers makes a perfect hiding hole for sponges, scours and brushes that usually hog space in a tiny kitchen. Reducing clutter in your kitchen really helps calm the space down – the less there is to look at, the less ‘full’ the space feels.

Vertical Space: Under Shelves, Next to Counters, On the Wall!

So, your kitchen has some shelves, cabinets and counters that you need to maximise and you’re not thinking about what you can mount and hang to save space? Come on! Vertical space is the new countertop! Installing hooks for mugs in a quirky kitchen, or a tension rod to hang clunky ladles and even pots will free up a ton of drawer space.

For an unoccupied wall, mount a magnetic metal strip and stick your bigger knives to it. It’s all the rage right now – ‘display’ is the new ‘conceal’!

Saving Space: Suspending mason jars beneath shelves provides storage space for herbs and spices.

Image Courtesy of Hilda Blue

You can even make your own suspended herb and spice rack, by storing them in mason jars and screwing the lids into the underside of the shelf or cabinet! Simply unscrew, shake, and screw back for a small-space-savvy spicing solution.

Forgotten Space

A tall, narrow bookcase-like unit can easily be wheeled into the space between the fridge and the wall.

Image Courtesy of Classy Clutter

Did you know that you can use the inside of your cabinet door to store more items? A simple magazine holder stuck to the inside of your cabinet makes a great storage spot for cling foil, tin foil, dishwashing liquid, whatever your heart desires!

That narrow space between your fridge and the wall? Reimagine what a mini-pantry should look like by installing a tall, narrow stack of shelves – similar to a bookcase – mounted on wheels for easy access! Canned foods, cereal boxes, spice refills, you name it and it can go in this skinny space.

Portable Storage

It’s not your fault you need some extra storage space, so why should it end up hampering your activities in the kitchen? If floor space is limited in your kitchen, a storage unit on wheels can be conveniently tucked away or moved around to allow you better access to your cabinets. Think ‘spice rail on wheels’!

Small space living needn’t be cramped and kitschy – no matter how small your kitchen, these ideas can save you space and jazz it up all in one go. Remember, in a smaller space, less is much more. Keeping clutter down and making the most of your existing fixtures will do wonders for little kitchen.

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