couple cooking in the kitchen

Sizzling Cooking & Kitchen Facts to Stir You Up

  • Before dwellings were separated into rooms, cooking was done in the ‘common’ room over a fire usually made in the centre of the room
  • The word ‘kitchen’ as we use it today comes from the evolution of the Latin word coquere, the Dutch word keuken, and the German word küche
  • Prevent shedding tears when cutting onions by storing them in the fridge instead of on a vegetable rack at room temperature
  • Not sure when your spaghetti is done? Throw a strand against the wall or ceiling. If it sticks, it’s ready – if it doesn’t, you might want to cook it for a while longer
  • Rub vinegar onto fresh fish to make removing the scales a whole lot easier
  • Place an oven-proof bowl of water next to your bread tin when baking bread. This will prevent the crust from becoming too hard
  • Tired of your pasta always boiling over and dirtying your stovetop? Place a wooden spoon across the top of the pot and you’re sorted
  • As a rule of thumb, boil vegetables that grow above the ground without a cover – and cover vegetables that grow beneath the earth
  • Microwave your lemon for 15 seconds to double the amount of juice that you can squeeze
  • A chef’s hat, or toque blanche, traditionally had 100 pleats which represented the number of ways an egg could be cooked
  • You know what a spork is (cross between a fork and a spoon), but did you know that a splade is the cross between a fork, knife, and spoon? It’s essentially a spork with a serrated edge.

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