Smart storage ideas for stylish kitchens

Smart Storage Ideas for Stylish Kitchens

The modern home is becoming a beacon of simplicity and sophistication, incorporating minimalist design with clean and clear surfaces to create an awe-inspiring space. However, this modern brilliance cannot be achieved when one’s counters are cluttered three feet high. Storage solutions are a must have in the modern kitchen, and as designers continue to skimp on the kitchen space, we have come up with some smart kitchen storage ideas to close the gap.

Island Counters Working Double Time

Modern Kitchen with Island The humble island counter is a staple in most kitchens, and whilst it offers up valuable counter space for food preparation, it also saps up storage space. However, you can make your average island counter work double time. The sides of your island counter can be renovated to house some simple shelving, wherein you can store your cookbooks, pots and pans, your most decorative plates, and more. Consider items you can place in the sides of the island that you use often whilst cooking, to increase their accessibility.

Get Creative with the Awkward Cupboard

Many kitchens know the place: that awkward half-cupboard or disproportionate boarded up space between a corner cupboard and its neighbor. How frustrating it is to have vital storage space so close at hand, and yet shut away! Never fear, with some work these awkward spaces can be transformed into smart kitchen storage for your chopping boards!

Divvy up Dead Space

Shelves above Kitchen Sink There are plenty of dead spaces in the average kitchen. This is space that is not utilized to its full potential, either because it seems like it can’t be used in another way, or simply because no one ever has! For example, the space behind your cabinet doors can actually be utilized, over and above simple hiding your groceries away.

Hanging a cheap wire magazine rack on the inside of your cabinet doors creates a great sliver of space, perfect for storing chopping boards or large utensils that crowd your drawers.

Another fantastic storage idea is to install a simple shelf above your sink area. I know right, dead space you have never considered using! It may be impractical to install bulky cabinets above the sink which you will knock your head on, but simple shallow shelving is more than doable.

That pesky sliver of space between your fridge and the larder unit may have haunted you since you moved in, but fear no more. Have you heard of a larder unit? Grab a wire larder unit – on wheels – for an easily accessible and space maximizing kitchen storage idea!

Right Up to the Ceiling

Pots Hanging in Kitchen Don’t let the space above your head go to waste – consider ceiling racks for hanging your gleaming pots and pans. This storage idea looks great when placed above an island counter, and especially so if you have bright metallic pots. Not only are your pots more accessible, but you are also left with tons of cupboard space to use. Just be mindful of the height of the rack – you don’t want to be smacking your head.

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