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How to Style Your Celebrity Kitchen

Have you ever stopped and thought about what the kitchens of your favourite celebs might look like? We at HomeConcept think we might have an idea, and we’ve used this to come up with stunning celebrity kitchen designs we’re sure you’ll love! So, have a look at a few HomeConcept tips for styling a celebrity kitchen

Door Profiles

Celebrity kitchen unit door profiles are anything completely different from the modern or traditional kitchen styles. These sorts of kitchen unit doors include the Special Mould, Modern Raised Panel, and the Build Up Shaker styles. For more stylish kitchen unit doors, see our HomeConcept kitchen door profiles here.


Which kitchen unit handles would celebrities choose for their kitchens? We’re guessing handles that you’d never see in any other kitchen! These include handles like the S-wave, the Swirl Knob, or event the elegant Classic Handle. For our full range of stunning kitchen unit handles, see our kitchen unit knobs here.


We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again – your kitchen counter worktops are essential! Celebrity kitchen unit worktops are usually either out of the ordinary – or so gorgeous you just want to stare at them for hours. These include the super stylish Gloss Mocha, Gloss Comet, and Verster worktops. For more of our HomeConcept kitchen counter worktops, just click here!


If there’s one thing a celebrity kitchen design MUST have is a space to hold a few bottles of wine. These kitchen accessories can include the Multi Wine Rack, or a vertical wine bottle holder with 6 rings or 9. Our HomeConcept kitchen accessories also include stylish plate holders and towel rails, so click here to see our kitchen accessories!

Affordable Celebrity Kitchens in South Africa

At HomeConcept, nothing makes us prouder than when we’re installing a stunning modern, traditional or celebrity kitchen! For a new kitchen you can pay off, one your family can be proud of, get in touch with HomeConcept here.

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