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How to Style Your Modern Kitchen

What exactly needs to go into a kitchen to make it truly modern? Modern kitchens are characterised by new and innovative additions, like small eating areas and open-plan storage solutions. Simplistic, sleek, and minimalistic are words used to describe modern kitchens – so have a look at our HomeConcept tips for styling your modern kitchen…

Door Profiles

Modern kitchen unit door profiles are pretty much anything that wouldn’t be found in a farmhouse. These types of kitchen door profiles include the Neo-Classical, HC Shaker and Modern Raised Panel styles that show modern woodworking advancements. Don’t take our word for it – have a look at our available HomeConcept kitchen door profiles here.


What do modern kitchen unit handles look like? Pretty much anything that isn’t a round knob or plain. These include kitchen unit handles like the detailed Nail handle, the Dimple handle, the Curve Line handle, and if you’re into knobs – the Swirl knob handle. To see these stunning kitchen unit handles, check out our HomeConcept kitchen handles here.


Your kitchen worktops are one of the most important elements of your modern kitchen, so getting these just right is vital! While traditional kitchen units feature wooden counter tops, modern kitchens prefer the granite look worktops, like our Gloss Commit or Brooklyn Loft worktops. To see our full range of modern kitchen counter tops, just click here!


A modern kitchen should have a few modern kitchen accessories, right? We at HomeConcept are loving these wireware accessories which include wine racks, plate hangers, and stainless-steel kitchen rails! See our kitchen accessories here, and choose from stunning kitchen finishing options to perfectly finish off your new modern kitchen.

Affordable Modern Kitchens in South Africa

HomeConcept is proud to award all South Africans the opportunity to get stunning modern, traditional and celebrity-inspired kitchens to be proud of! Buy a new kitchen and pay it off with HomeConcept. For more information on getting the kitchen of your dreams, contact us right here.

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