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How to Style Your Traditional Kitchen

So, you’re looking to achieve that traditional kitchen look and feel in your home like you remember from your childhood. That’s great! We at HomeConcept simply love the traditional style kitchen décor. It’s timeless, warm and inviting to all who step into it. Here’s how to style your kitchen traditional with HomeConcept…

Door Profiles

Your kitchen doors are usually the first things people notice when entering your kitchen, so choose timeless kitchen unit door profiles that will leave your guests remembering the good old days. These include V-Groove, Square Shallow and Square Bevel door profiles. See our available HomeConcept kitchen unit door profiles here.


Back in the day, when traditional kitchens were considered ‘modern’ kitchens, the kitchen unit doors featured very simple, functional door handles that were easy to use and drew little attention to themselves. Door handles like our White Porcelain Knobs and Flower Knobs are prefect! See our kitchen unit door handles here.


Another element of your kitchen guests will notice immediately are your kitchen unit worktops. Remember that granite tops were few and far between 20 years ago, with wooden worktops being the preferred, cheaper kitchen surface of choice. Our HomeConcept Saxon Oak kitchen surface is the perfect traditional kitchen worktop, but choose from our kitchen worktops here.


What would a traditional kitchen be without a few traditional kitchen accessories, right? While wire kitchen accessories – such as towel rails and dish holders – are funky and practical, these wouldn’t be considered “traditional”. Instead, choose kitchen accessories like Wicker Baskets or thicker Kabu Baskets to finish off your traditional kitchen in style!

Affordable Traditional Kitchen Units in South Africa

Looking for a kitchen your family can be proud of? HomeConcept is proud to offer affordable new kitchens to all South Africans! See our kitchens here.

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