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The Best Kitchen Colour Combinations for You and Your Style

Sometimes it just takes the right colour combination to make the heart of your home really pop! The kitchen is a place where creation and design go hand-in-hand, so we at Home Concept want to show you how to make the most of your living space and help you pick the kitchen colours that work for you!

Classic Black and White

Our first kitchen colour combination is the classic black and white deign. Kitchens in these colours are ultra-classy, timeless and elegant. You can pair white cabinetry with black worktops and accents to create a stark, modern contrast between your fixtures. Amp up the interest by incorporating black and white patterned wallpaper, tile flooring or even an eye-catching backsplash!

Modern and Beautiful Black and Brass

We think that dark, moody kitchens radiate a level of sophistication and strong personality that just cannot be topped. Combine black cabinetry and dark countertops with the warm metallic touch of brass fixtures and accents if you want your kitchen to exude class. You can warm up this modern look with warm-toned accent colours or deep greys to add dimension.

Traditional Tans and Browns

Building your kitchen design around the warm neutrals of tans and browns is a sure fire way to create a traditionally pleasing, timeless kitchen. We love to surround ourselves with warmth as we cook and enjoy our living space, and these colours reflect those homey feelings. You can introduce accent colours to an elegant tan and brown kitchen in the form of muted reds, oranges and yellows.

Rich Mix of Orange and Brown

We think this kitchen colour combination is the most quintessentially South African as it combines rich earthy tones with a bright, bold pop of colour. This striking combination makes a bold statement and is not for the faint of heart. Bring the heat of the African plains into your kitchen with this daring design choice.

Cool Grey and White Palette

Grey has been the hottest colour in design for a little while now, and kitchen colour combinations are no different. We think that a simplified white and grey palette is extremely timeless, and offers endless possibilities to highlight colourful accents that you can change at will. The heart of your home will feel relaxed and calming with this colour scheme, and its style will endure for years.

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