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The Charm of Traditional Style Kitchens

As the kitchen is said to be the heart of the home, traditional style kitchens are designed to have a formal, elegant look that is focused on creating a warm and homey feeling. Function and beauty are merged in the most welcoming way in these kitchens, where the interior design is intended to marry your eating and entertaining experiences seamlessly. Home Concept are specialists in stunning kitchen style solutions and renovations, and our traditional style kitchens have rounded out homes around the country.

Traditional Style Kitchens are Timeless

There is one main advantage of traditional style kitchens, namely, their timeless appeal. This type of kitchen never seems to go out of style, and that is due to the classic elements that are incorporated in the design. Without aging the room, traditional style kitchens combine the best of past and present interior design trends to create a warm space that isn’t too stuffy and boring.
Revamping your kitchen into a charming traditional style kitchen will ensure that in 10 or even 20 years’ time, your Home Concept renovations will never go out of style.

Warm and Welcoming Layers of Interior Design

The warm and welcoming layers that are created in traditional style kitchens are some of the most attractive features of this style. The traditional style should reflect warm, secure and relaxing feelings, alluded to in the choice of materials and colour scheme.

Traditional style kitchens tend to have wooden tables and timber effect cabinets, natural and varied stone effects reflected in tiles and countertops, with warmth resonating throughout. A soft, muted palette is usually employed, centering around natural shades and pastels, from burnt oranges to yellows to soft browns.

A layered effect is created to make lighter and darker features of the kitchen pop. Lighter upper cabinetry looks stunning contrasted with warm, dark brown lower cupboards and a mottled countertop to merge the two together. Clean and simple fixtures stand out with their shine against an otherwise soft and gentle interior design. With traditional style kitchens, the homeowner is afforded a greater opportunity to customise intricate details, as the overall ’canvas’ of the kitchen is very user-friendly. This is where your personal flair can be explored and altered over time.

Versatile and Flexible Space

Because of the warmth of traditional style kitchens, they are super versatile and flexible spaces. Adding in a dining or living area into your kitchen is not uncommon, and with this style a combined living space is very ‘on brand’. Traditional style is, after all, focused on an organic living experience.

Make the Kitchen Your Own

Whilst modern kitchens or very trendy shabby-chic type kitchens are gorgeous, they are a little fussier when it comes to allowing the homeowner to exercise their own design tastes in the detail. Trendier kitchens typically require a certain balance to remain ‘current’, so a homeowner’s personal touch could clash with the prescribed detailing of the space. With traditional style kitchens, there is a lot more breathing room to make it your own because of the versatile base styling of the kitchen.

How Home Concept Creates Traditional Style Kitchens

Home Concept have a tried and tested formula for creating stunning traditional kitchens. We combine our most warm and cosy features to create a space that will serve you and your family well for many years to come. Our American Walnut gloss door colour brings a deep richness to the space, whilst our gloss mocha worktop as a soft-yet-hard buffer between the cabinetry and your choice of contrasting cabinet colours should you choose to include one.
Light shields and capping can be customised to your desire, and even though you can opt for a different handle profile, our best pick is the Golden Gate handle for its simplicity and class.

Altogether, traditional style kitchens are timeless and elegant kitchen solutions that Home Concept are uniquely equipped to design and install to your specific needs. If you are looking to launch your kitchen renovations, contact us and we can chat about your vision and how we can help you attain it.

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