The Golden Rules for a Great Kitchen with Home Concept

The Golden Rules for a Great Kitchen

When it comes to designing kitchens, it is important to combine your personal style with some of our golden rules to achieve a kitchen that is functional and beautiful. Home Concept have collected much experience over the years, and as such we are confident in presenting you with these golden rules for a great kitchen. Check out the blog below!

The Golden Work Triangle

If you haven’t heard about the ‘work triangle’ you may have been living beneath a rock, but you are also about to have your mind blown. Did you know there is a formula for setting up a functional and efficient kitchen? Kitchen design experts discovered that putting the stove, the sink and the fridge in a triangle creates a space compact enough to work quickly and efficiently, yet large enough to accommodate multiple people working in the kitchen.

This triangular path is most effective when it is kept under six metres, allowing for great speed and comfort throughout the cooking and cleaning process.

Take Doors into Account

It is vital to keep your cabinet and appliance doors in mind when designing and setting up a great kitchen. One of the golden rules for a great kitchen is to include the geometry of all kitchen doors in the architectural designs, including the swing of the fridge door(s), the oven and dishwasher in their open positions. The idea is to try to limit the number of overlaps as much as possible, unless the overlap is relatively unimportant and can be overlooked. For example, the oven and dishwasher will likely not be open at the same time.

Socialising in a Functional Space

Home Concept strongly believe that the kitchen is a unique meeting place in the heart of the home, the walls of which often witness many light-hearted chats, family debates and even downtrodden tales. Considering this, keep the work triangle in mind when setting up gathering and entertaining areas in the kitchen so that guests can relax and interact with the person cooking without getting in their way.

Practical Countertop Materials are a Must

Do not underestimate the importance of an attractive, durable countertop material in your kitchen. It appears that ‘make good choices’ is not entirely appropriate tip for this blog, so we suggest you browse through our selection of worktops to pick your favourite, as any of those will surely be a good choice. We keep high temperatures and daily wear in mind when composing our countertops in order to ensure a long and beautiful lifespan of our work.

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