The Industrial Kitchen Trend

The industrial design trend is something that can be carried out through the entire house, but kitchens are an opportunity for this trend to really shine. Here’s how to get this glorious, modern look for your home kitchen.

If you are wanting a tough exterior, that lends itself to an open plan layout, which you can get stuck into, then an industrial kitchen is a must for you.

The key characteristic of industrial kitchens is that they are rough around the edges yet simple and this is what makes them so sophisticated.

This is one of the more cost-effective kitchen looks, as it doesn’t require a lot of refinement. You can combine all your existing kitchen furniture and accessories to create your own unique industrial kitchen from scratch.

To pull this look off, you will require a combination of raw textures and a degree of “mix and match” elements. Iconic industrial kitchens are generally 90% grey and black with grunge metallics. Black can be incorporated in your choice of kitchen cupboard colours, backsplashes or even including a chalkboard in your kitchen. Chalkboards are great for this specific style and for their functionality.

Rustic finishes and fixtures also tie this look together. Lucky for you, kitchens offer plenty of ways to incorporate coppers, brass, steel, any metal really into your design. They go wonderfully with the black.

Expose everything, don’t try to hide it. If anything, emphasise it, turn it into a feature! Exposed pipes, ducting and wooden beams are huge winners. Appreciate the “behind the scenes” workings of your kitchen by highlighting it. This look is super unpretentious and embodies “perfectly imperfect”.

When it comes to storage – go open shelving. This trend happily ditches the top kitchen cupboards in favour of more open shelving (far more functional and efficient). Another means of exposing everything, now even your spoons, forks, plates and bowls can be on display.

At this point, you might be thinking “that’s great, but how do I decorate my kitchen? Where would I sit?” The answer, wooden furniture. We said it before and we’ll say it again, “mix and match.” Tie in different finishes of wood in your bar stools, dining room tables and other furniture legs.

Another popular and simply brilliant way to include wood in your kitchen for this style is in flooring and countertops, this provides an awesome way to get that “back to basics” look. On that note, concrete would also work great for both flooring and countertops, so the choice is yours.

If you’re a brick lover the industrial kitchen will make all your dreams come true. It is almost mandatory (not quite) to have at least one brick wall in an industrial kitchen. There is something, almost charming, about the combination of rough brick, with the sleek appeal of stainless steel appliances and smooth metallic touches.

The industrial kitchen is becoming more and more popular as it develops. It is an incredible and unique style that is beautiful and extremely practical. We hope that you consider it for your kitchen design. Speaking of your next kitchen, we would love to hear all about it.


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