The Ultimate Kitchen Renovation Checklist

Renovating a kitchen is a time-consuming and overwhelming task- there are so many aspects to consider. The kitchen has often been described as ‘the heart of the home’, so it is important for you to reflect your family’s personality and style. We have compiled a kitchen renovation checklist to help make the planning process as stress-free as possible.

What You Need to Know About Renovating

We have compiled a list of prompts to use as a foundation for your kitchen renovation. Check them off once you feel you have fully investigated and planned each topic.


One type of lighting is usually never enough for a kitchen. Consider how much natural lighting your kitchen gets, from the windows, and then consider adding general lighting, which are your standard ceiling lights, and specific lighting, which is positioned above working stations that require additional lighting.

Floor Plan Design

Plan your floor plan design around your kitchen needs. If you are planning to spend vast amounts of time in your kitchen, or regularly entertain, you are going to want to maximize your space. Consider putting in a centre island and use the triangle shape for your kitchen’s main appliances; the fridge, stove and sink.


There are so many things to consider when it comes to cabinets. Are you going to buy new ones, or just revamp the old ones with a bit of paint or a new door? If you choose new, what material are you going to use? Will it tie in with your colour scheme? What handles will you want and will you install them yourself or get someone else to do it?


Possibilities are endless when it comes to colour schemes for your kitchen. Decide on a colour, and then work out how much paint will be required, depending on how much of your kitchen you want to paint.

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Decide which appliances are staying and which appliances need to go. Once this is done, decide on a basic colour scheme that works with the appliances you already have and the vision for your kitchen. Colours like white, black and grey are easiest to pair.


Countertops are usually the first thing people observe about a kitchen; therefore, you need to choose one that suits the style you are wanting to show. Countertops must not only look great but also be able to be maintained and endure a few scratches along the way.


Kitchen floors are guaranteed to get dirt at some point; therefore, you need to choose a flooring that will be able to endure this dirt and is easy to clean up after. Decide on a colour and your material, as well as who is going to do the installation.


Once you have made all the important decisions, it is time to shop around and get all your costs down on paper. Presumably, you have an idea on what you want your whole renovation to cost, the second step is now to split that amount between everything that needs to be bought, don’t forget to include labour costs!

Let Home Concept Help You Complete Your Checklist!

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