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Tips to Achieve a Minimalist Kitchen

Of all the kitchen style trends, a minimalist kitchen is surely one of the most sought-after arrangements for homeowners everywhere. If you are looking for tips to achieve a minimalist kitchen or perhaps some update ideas for this style, then browse Home Concept’s blog below for inspiration and guidance!

Colour is Crucial

Style Minimalist Kitchens with Neutrals and Layered Textures One of the most impactful aspects of a minimalist kitchen is the colour palette. Choose a main colour to decorate your kitchen with and create accents with another to add interest. For example, you can start with white as a base colour and layer in greys. Alternatively, you can make use of varying textures to diversify your minimalist space, such as incorporating woven textures and greenery.

Concrete and marble also make for stunning accents, whether in the floor or countertops.

The Devil is in the Details

Utilise Delicate Details to Liven Up Your Minimalist Kitchen Our top tips to achieve a minimalist kitchen include everything, including the finest details that make this style of kitchen ‘pop’. Less is more in a minimalist kitchen, so be sure to minimise clutter and be critical when incorporating small appliance. Overall, the kitchen should look clean and, well, minimalist! For example, you can consider foregoing cabinet handles and make use of grooved facades or push and pull mechanisms instead.

Consider the lines that your décor pieces create and how they will impact your interior design. Keep the overarching lines in your kitchen long and uninterrupted, and jazz up open spaces with small adornments to bring life back into the space.

Choose Appliances that Augment the Space

Choose Sleek Appliances for Your Minimalist Kitchen Of all our tips to achieve a minimalist kitchen, this one is perhaps the most understood. Many people are under the impression that in order to have a minimalist kitchen, they have to hide all of their appliances, but this is untrue.

Leaving your main appliances in sight is extremely functional – an important theme in minimalism. Choose your appliances with care, focusing on sleek design and contemporary lines. In a minimalist kitchen, well-designed appliances become a feature of interior design over and above their functional purposes.

Home Concept are experts in creating clean cut and well-designed kitchens in homes across the country. You can contact us if you have any questions regarding our tips to achieve a minimalist kitchen or how we can turn your kitchen into a superb living area. Home Concept – for all your kitchen style solutions!

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