Paint and Worktop Colour Schemes

Trends in Kitchen Colour Schemes for 2019

The kitchen is a great place to start when it comes to getting stuck into home renovations. With all the resolutions of the New Year, redecorating the kitchen and living spaces can help your home feel full of new life and inspiration. Change is as good as a holiday, they say, and so we have collected our favourite kitchen colour schemes for 2019 to inspire you and set you on the right track for your design endeavour.

Green, White and Brass

Paint and Worktop Colour Schemes

Greenery is all the rage in the home at the moment, and this gorgeous, varied and versatile shade is creeping into the kitchen. Rich blue-greens are a hot trend for kitchens in 2019, finding their way into cabinetry to create a bold base colour.

Green is equal parts dramatic and luxurious in the kitchen, creating a modern and somewhat whimsical look with ease. We suggest combining a deep forest green with latte shades, frosted glass, and soft metallics such as brass.

Dark and Moody

Black Kitchen with Wood Counters

More and more, homeowners are realising that darker colours can be at home in the kitchen, and do not need to be shied away from. Embracing a darker colour scheme with few primary colours, and a lot of emphasis on rich browns, greys and taupe tones.

Black in particular is making an entrance, as well as navy. Navy offers a versatile and regal look, whilst black makes a profoundly sophisticated statement. Navy can be incorporated into both modern and traditional surroundings, whilst black benefits from the clean-cut design of modern and industrial inspired design, to keep it fresh.

Timber and Rustic Tones

Timber Kitchen Design

Another huge trend in kitchen colour schemes for 2019 is the use of timber materials and their corresponding tones. Bare wood surfaces are rising in popularity, particularly oak and walnut, which offer rich patinas and colouring.

Combine this trend with mixed materials such as granite and quartz to achieve an altogether elegant look that pulls from rustic and regal tastes.

For more inspiration, head to our blog and browse our best ideas, tips, tricks and trends. Get in touch with us if you want to have your kitchen renovated by affordable professionals and we will get back to you.

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