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What Your Kitchen Style Says About You

Everyone knows that the kitchen forms the very heart of the home, which means it probably shows off who you are as a person, too. Your kitchen style is highly indicative of your values and personality, and today Home Concept will show you what your kitchen style says about you!

Modern Kitchen Style

Modern kitchen style is easy to identify: sleek parallel lines, lots of gadgets, and no clutter. Those with modern kitchens tend to stay up to date with trends in an effort to be on the cutting edge of kitchen style.

Metallic surfaces are gleaming and the worktops are free of clutter so as not to clutter the mind. A love for technology is nurtured in smart appliances and seamless integration of science and cooking.

Modern kitchens are charged with a unique energy, which the owner has usually created to spur on their cooking adventures and edible experiments. For this homeowner, food is a science that requires precision and masterful handling in order to be moulded into a delicious dining experience.

You’ll never find a modern kitchen owner stuck in the past, only moving forward towards a bright, sleek future.

Traditional Kitchen Style

Traditional kitchen style is that which exemplifies elegance and ease, pulled together by a love for great food and company. This kitchen owner values a multi-purpose kitchen and living space wherein their family and friends can feel at home whilst they are cooking away.

The combination of warm wood panelling, heritage colours and modern appliances creates a space that is truly timeless and serves its owner well through the years. This homeowner enjoys reserved tastes and neutral colour palettes, with the occasional colour popping out to greet you.

The methodical way in which these homeowners work in their kitchen is indicative of a person who desires harmony in the home and warmth in the heart.

Rustic Kitchen Style

Rustic kitchen style is that which showcases a lot of natural textures and muted tones married together with sleek appliances. These homeowners crave the simple life where a family can enjoy the peaceful countryside whilst sat out on the patio, enjoying hearty meals.

This kitchen style is warm and inviting and draws others into your home just as it draws you. You will find that rustic kitchen style owners consider their kitchen to be their comfort zone – a space that should be warm, cosy and full of tasty treats.

Super-high-tech appliances take a back seat, as your foodie creations are what is most important to you.

This homeowner truly believes in ‘home sweet home’ and makes it plain with their ready and waiting pot of tea and homemade biscuits.

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