5 Quick Tip to Organise your Fridge

It’s really not difficult to organise your fridge and keep it that way. So often, we end up buying (or wasting) food
because we don’t even know we have it or it gets spoiled because the fridge isn’t clean. Here are 5 quick tips to
help you get started:

  • Try not to keep fresh food like salad ingredients at the back of the fridge as that is generally the coldest
    area and they could get icy and therefore spoil quickly. Fridge containers will keep all of this neatly
    organised and easy to find.
  • Label anything you put into tin foil or plastic wrap (including a date). We often forget what the food is and
    waste it.
  • Thaw and clean your fridge regularly. Throw away anything that is old and rotten so that you can store
    new food properly and avoid a big clean up.
  • If you have anything that may drip, like poultry or meat, place it on the bottom shelf so that it does not
    drip onto, and possibly contaminate, other foods.
  • Line any drawers you have with a paper towel. This way if there is a leak, you can easily clean it up.