Why Custom furniture

Be it Custom kitchens, Bedroom cupboards/walk in cupboards, Office furniture, Bathroom cupboards, vanities, cabinets, or Garage units’…….  

Custom furniture in a home improvement project is one of the best improvements to your home and add not only a unique look but value to your home.

Custom furniture has features that are unique to you the homeowner and the style of your home.    It has characteristics that show the personality and preferences of you the homeowner.
At Home Concept we specialise in designing and creating the custom product of your dreams.

“You dream it. We create it”

One of the leading benefits of custom furniture and a factor that adds to the value is the durability and longevity of custom products. Unlike stock products, custom products are built to last longer, both in design and functionality. Custom products feature cabinetry that is made by skilled cabinet makers that take huge pride in their work, using the best materials available to create a remarkable finished product.

When a custom product is built, the features are also customized to your needs and wants.

A custom product has the elements a homeowner values while avoiding the features they don’t. When building a custom product there is no need to settle for average dimensions, the dimensions and designs are customized.

If a homeowner wants cabinets of a certain size, they are able to get the cabinets they dream of with countertops that are at perfect heights for their needs. A custom product can be made to utilize an unusual floorplan or unconventional design.   Custom products can make better use of the space while matching unique layouts, the cabinets are designed and sized to the exact specifications of the product.

Your home is as unique as you are, your tastes and personality reflected in every colour and texture you select. When you are trusting us to design and create your happy space you love to live in, we are offering you something special.

“Just the way you want it”

Our designers are experts in understanding your style and functionating needs. Together with the installer, we will help refine your ideas, plan, and choose the right products unique to you Our services include, measure ups, design and inspiration, wide range, support, and installation.


Once your dream design has been approved and the manufacturing process has been finalised, our dedicated team of qualified installers will complete the process.