Kitchen Islands: Not Just Another Trend

Many have asked if the kitchen island will be going out of style anytime soon, our answer is no. The kitchen island’s functionality makes it future-proof beyond a reasonable doubt. Kitchen islands are also extremely versatile, with many styles, colours and features available, the combinations are endless! Year after year, the kitchen island has continually proven to be an asset to any kitchen – that being said a stylish and functional kitchen island will never be outdated. In the future we can expect the approach to kitchen islands to change, but beyond that we doubt much else will change in the coming years.

Now that we have you on team “kitchen island”, let us help you understand a little bit more about them (especially if you plan to install one in your home).

For those that don’t know, a kitchen island is a piece of clever cabinetry designed to increase countertop space for kitchens of all sizes. It is a freestanding workstation that is commonly installed in the centre of the kitchen (depending on your kitchen layout). 

What Size Should My Kitchen Island Be?

The size of your kitchen island will be determined by the size of your kitchen. Generally, we like to leave enough room between your kitchen counters and the kitchen island so that two people can work at each counter comfortably, back-to-back. It is important to note that dimensions and spacing will change if you are planning to have a seating area at your kitchen island. Each installer and manufacturer has their own preferences regarding sizing (this is not a one size fits all) but this can easily be scaled up for large kitchens, and down for smaller kitchens (please, don’t exclude your kitchen island because you think your kitchen is “too small”). A wonderful alternative to built-in kitchen islands, for small kitchens, are manufactured kitchen islands that are movable! These pre-manufactured kitchen islands can often be quite an investment, but the fact that they are able to be moved freely means that you can keep them as part of your future kitchens (if you ever move). If you are looking for affordable kitchen solutions to increase your counter space, contact us for a quote.

Where Should I Install My Kitchen Island?

Like we said earlier, many choose to install their kitchen island smack-dab in the centre of their kitchens. Depending on your kitchen layout, this will not always be the solution for you. For example, many open plan kitchens often use kitchen islands to serve as a divide between the kitchen and open/common space. A kitchen island is also a great feature for merging two spaces, like the kitchen and dining room! If you are planning on making your kitchen island multifunctional, it will affect the position of your island. You’ll have to find a good compromise between the two spaces and install your kitchen island in that spot! 

If you are looking for an expert manufacturer and installer for your custom kitchen, talk to us. Our knowledge and expertise extends into kitchen design, the latest trends and problem-solving to make your new kitchen extremely functional, efficient and beautiful! Our experience helps us give customers the perfect kitchen for their home!