5 Important Questions To Ask Yourself When Renovating

The first step in the process is knowing what the signs are, knowing what indicates that it is time for a renovation. Once you have decided to renovate any room, there are questions you should ask yourself to make sure you are making the most of this opportunity. By ensuring you have a kitchen that is cost-effective, has adequate space and won’t need renovating in the near future.

Should I attempt this myself?

This isn’t everyone’s first thought (not everyone is a handyman at heart), but for those of you wondering whether or not you should do this yourself – don’t. There are elements of an installation that must be carried out by professionals, relocating or planning ventilation, electrical and plumbing points is a prime example. The input of a professional is invaluable – all the mistakes you could possibly make they have made before. Professional installation can also save costs down the line, minimises error, damage and save resources. Need a hand? Our kitchen specialists are ready to help you.

What is my budget and will I go over?

A kitchen renovation is an exciting time – if you are asking yourself these questions, you probably already have your budget in mind. Chat to us and one of our friendly, kitchen specialists will assist you with a quote for your space and budget. Minimise unexpected costs that pop-up. Home Concept can help you get the kitchen of your dreams (within budget, with expert guidance, and including free delivery and installation) from as little as R999/pm.

Will it date?

The most cost-efficient kitchen is a timeless kitchen. You don’t want to have to keep doing major renovations to keep your kitchen design and style up to date. Outgrowing your kitchen can also lead to major renovations, which can be avoided by future-proofing your counter space and storage space. 

How much counter space do I need?

This component of your  kitchen is vital and needs a lot of consideration. This will ensure that the functionality of your kitchen suits your family’s needs. Plan enough counter space to ensure that you won’t grow out of your new kitchen any time soon. To understand what you need from your space, read our Basics Of Kitchen Layout blog, this will help you plan your counter space better. Like the rest of your kitchen, remember to choose worktops that complement your kitchen design and won’t date.

How much storage space do I need?

Never underestimate how much storage space you need, think of clever ways to fully utilise the space you have. Make use of vertical space and top cabinets in small kitchens, rather overestimate, there is no such thing as “too much storage”. It is important to choose door styles, handles and colours that work with your space.